Apply for admin [OPEN]

Apply for admin [OPEN]

Before you apply,

Before you apply, Please be sure this is what you want. This isn't going to be all fun and games. You will be expected to uphold a certain standard and do well to perform the responsibilities outlined below. Do not apply if your intention is entirely for the status and title.


  • Maintain order on the server
  • Enforce the rules via warnings, mutes, and bans appropriately
  • Promote a positive and fun environment
  • Resolve conflicts in a fair manner
  • Do not misuse your privileges for reasons that aren't for the above
  • Requirements

  • Spent enough time around here such that you are familiar with the rules here
  • 160 or more hours logged on CS:S according to Steam
  • No unpardoned major bans/infractions
  • Unshared Steam account with Steam Guard enabled
  • Joined the Itchy and Scratchy Discord
  • A forum account


  • Age to be 18+
  • The title must be "App: SteamName (STEAMID)" and make sure you include the following in your thread. Keep the following as headers and write under each prompt.
  • Steam Name:
  • Steam ID:
  • Steam profile URL:
  • Age:
  • General location and/or Time Zone:
  • Which server(s) you are interested in (and primarily play)
  • Short paragraph about who you are, why you are applying, why you think you would be a good fit
  • If applicable: any experience from a different server or game and how it applies to becoming an admin here
  • If applicable: List any current staff members that vouch for you. Please ensure you ask before putting their name.
  • *Steam ID: Use this site to get your Steam ID. The format that looks like this "STEAM_0:0:XYZ" is required. *General location: this is for timezone purposes so we only need a very generalized location. If you're in a country that spans several time zones, specify a zone like "US East" or "UTC-4".


    - Feel free to format it in any way you like, just ensure that it is easily readable and everything above is included.


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