App: fuckpc (STEAM_0:0:196697183)


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CS:S Mod
  • Steam Name: fuckpc
  • Steam ID: 6561198353660094
  • Steam profile URL:
  • Age: 20
  • General location and/or Time Zone: TX, CST
  • Which server(s) you are interested in (and primarily play): i play awp alot
  • Short paragraph about who you are, why you are applying, why you think you would be a good fit: I'm AJ, i attend uni [yes i know Canadians call university "uni" i think its faster to say it like that] , going for a degree in computer engineering hoping to get certified in aerospace. I am applying because I used to be admin back when awp-bhop was a thing in csgo (2017-2020), i was pretty good at catching cheaters, since i knew every cheat on it. i think ill be a good fit because i can somewhat make games fun or interesting.
  • If applicable: any experience from a different server or game and how it applies to becoming an admin here: I was Senior Admin for CN (celestial Network for 2y+)and Mod for FN ( Fallen Networks, 3 months before CN relaunch)
  • If applicable: List any current staff members that vouch for you. Please ensure you ask before putting their name. BOSS Captain
congratulations Application Approved, Welcome to the Team!