How to appeal a ban

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When appealing a ban, this is the information you should provide us with so that we may assist you as best we can in resolving the issue. When appealing a ban, please remember that you are NOT GUARANTEED to have your ban lowered or removed. Please make sure you go to our Sourcebans page and locate your ban using your SteamID before you begin.

Things you will need to provide:
  • Your SteamID
  • Your Steam name that is attached to the ban
  • A link to the ban in Sourcebans
  • Any context regarding the ban
  • Why you think the ban should be lowered or removed
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How to get your SteamID:
First, grab your SteamURL (the link to your Steam profile) and enter it into this website, your SteamID will be in the box labeled "Steam ID" and will look similar to this: STEAM_0:X:XXXXXXXXXXX

How to find your bans in Sourcebans
Firstly you'll need to go to the Sourcebans page, and go into the "Bans" tab. There will be a little box labeled "Advanced Search(click)" open it.
Inside of it, there will be several text boxes, next to the one labeled "Steam ID" copy and paste the SteamID you found earlier and hit "SEARCH". Please remember that if you accidentally click into another box, Sourcebans will search for the contents within that box instead, make sure the circle next to "Steam ID" is the circle that is checked
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