How to report a player

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This is the information you should be providing when reporting a player, if you are missing any information, your report will be discarded. We need as much information as possible to be able to do anything against a player:

  • Their Steam name
  • Their SteamID/SteamURL (SteamID is preferable)
  • Which server it took place on
  • The rule(s) the player has broken
  • Any evidence you have to back any of this up
    • Demo(s)/Recording(s) [Recommended]
    • Screenshots [Multiple needed]
    • Console logs [Not recommended]
      * You can upload files directly by attaching it either by dragging it into the box, or using the
      button. This is preferred as well.
For your convenience, you can copy and paste this format:

Their Steam name:
Their SteamID:
Rules broken:

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How to get their SteamID:
There are multiple ways to grab a players SteamID, both will require you to use this website.
  1. If both you and the player are on the server, open console(view this thread on how to open console) and type the command "Status" and hit enter. Look for the players name and to the right of it should be their SteamID3. Copy and paste it into the website above and look for the box labeled "Steam ID"
  2. If you have the link to the players Steam profile, copy and paste it into the website above and look for the box labeled "Steam ID"
How to record a demo:
Look at this this thread for any information you need regarding demos

Finally, you can make a NEW THREAD in this section:
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